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Transformation Tuesday

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I want to make a special shout out to this amazing lady who is a client of mine!! She’s worked so hard at Female Bootcamp since starting over a year ago and after receiving a Christmas present from her husband of Personal Training sessions with me she has grafted!!!

So after 10 weeks of one Personal Training session a week, 3 bootcamp’s and her own motivated running she has had a massive success of losing……. Over 16lbs 😱 8.3″ all over 😳 And 6.1% bodyfat 😜 I mean talk about results!!!

A massive well done 👍🏽 to Lydia Prosser you have done amazingly well and I have no reason to doubt she will continue!!!!!

However people good things in life don’t come for FREE!!!! Lydia has worked her a*** off for her results and also has 3 kiddies and works full time!!! Well done you’ve made me so proud!!!!!


Fleur x x

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Transformation Tuesday!!!

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It’s Fleur…. I am here to talk about some awesomeness!!!

Two sisters have been members of Bootcamp since January 2015 and have been maintaining their fitness ever since!! However in January 2017 they decided to take it one step further and have that extra push!!! Blimey did they work their butts off. Over a space of 10 consecutive weeks which included 3 boot camp’s a week, one personal training session, their own running….and daily pictures via whatsapp of their food (yes my photo memory was FULL including a weekly slice of cheesecake as part of their cheat meals) they were 100% devoted to getting results!!!

Results they most certainly got, however dispute being sisters of a very close age and the exact same height their body shapes changed in completely different ways.

Gail’s results: Weight loss 1 Stone and 7.6″

Jo’s results: Weight loss 1/2 Stone and 10.8″

How amazing!!!! I’m so proud of them both and they are full time workers and have 2 children each!!! Also ladies this just proves that everyone has a completely different genetic makeup and unique shape and size, so aspiring to look like someone or a certain way may not be realistic!!! Just be the best YOU can be and be CONFIDENT!!!!!


Female Bootcamp Running Club

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Female Bootcamp running club, is a five week course consisting of two sessions per week. We aim to get every person on the course to complete a 5 k run. On the course we cater for complete beginners and intermediate ability.

If you are a beginner the course is a great way to start your fitness journey we will work with you on the basic stretches to managing your breathing and stamina as you are running. Session by session we will build your run and eventually you will be able to develop your own technique.

If you are an intermediate runner the course will help you to develop your techniques and get you running a further distance. We will help to improve your current fitness and potentially developed to an advanced runner. In turn increasing your speed and stamina.

Firstly we are focusing on muscular strength in the legs and building up the cardio vascular and leg endurance. Along side this we will also be training the core to increase core stability.

Every year Female Boot camp do a 5 k and 10 k run at Weston Park Pretty Muddy raising money for Cancer Research UK  and every year our ultimate goal is to increase our runners and raise more money for the charity.

If you missed out and would like to do the next Running Club please contact us via the contact page.

You are special and amazing!!!

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Life is a balancing act, busy job, being a mother, doing the housework etc, Why not have some YOU time!! Literally, get out the house, liaise with your partner, husband, and family to watch the kids and escape for a run or a workout in the garden. Exercise releases endorphins (feel good hormones) so once you’ve completed a workout you feel a sense of achievement and can be a lot more productive with your day. Not only this but exercise helps promote good natural sleep and gives us more energy….. The benefits are endless. #makeachange #benefityourlife #sleepwell #increaseyourenergy #achieve #feelgood #femalebootcamp #feelfree #momtime #youtime #instfollow #l4l #lovefitness #followme

It’s never too late to start!!! Change your life…Today!!!

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Time to get fit ladies!!! Are you a person who has never exercised before? If so why not? Walking 30 mins 5 x a week can reduce your mortality by 30% and can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer by up to 50%. Start today, get up earlier before work or go for a walk after work. Once you are a speedy walker, start jogging for 1 min and walk for 1 min and repeat 15 times (total of 30 mins). Diet also as important as exercise, so a starting point would be to change white for brown…so white bread, pasta, rice etc replace it with brown and reduce/cut out sweets/cakes/biscuits/chocolates.

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This weeks weighing TIPS!!!

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Stop stepping on the scales ladies!!! Weight is just a number, try not to get fixated on how much you weigh by standing on the scales every day. Instead try measuring yourself, here is a quick guide:

  • Measure the following areas…. Thigh, Upper arm, Hips, Belly Button (waist), Chest and Back. Measure in inches in the same spot each time (every 6 weeks) and make a note.
  • Obviously if you are NOT training and eating right then you will not see results!!!

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