Minibootcamps enable you to exercise with your friends and family. You have the opportunity to gather some of your friends, family and / or work colleagues and work out together in a session led by one of our qualified personal trainers. The location is entirely of your choosing but usually takes place in a nominated house/ garden or on Female Bootcamp Stomping Ground. All equipment will be provided for your training session and you will be motivated together in your small group to lose weight, get fit, tone up or just have some fun with those close to you.

Minibootcamps are great for those who want exercise to fit around them, offering a little more privacy than a group class or a stuffy gym and who want a personal touch at their convenience. Your PT would work with you all on a general goal that you have together by doing a full body workout.

Of your choosing eg: Your garden, the local park, your friends living room or on Female Bootcamp stomping ground.

Time of your choosing (subject to availability)

To book, contact Fleur on 07813 009924 or email:

1-4 people - As little as

£ 10

per person

5-10 people - As little as

£ 7

per person