At Female Bootcamp,  your personal trainer, will carefully analyse your lifestyle as a whole, including your current levels of fitness, diet, work and social life. This information will help us form a tailored plan for you. We will work with you by advising and motivating you to achieve your specific personal goals. Working with your personal trainer is the safest and most effective way to achieve your health and fitness goals as they are committed to you, and to helping you achieve goals which you perhaps never thought were possible!

When training with Female bootcamp, all equipment is provided. Our range includes Kettlebells, TRX, Reebok deck, Olympic rings, boxing gloves and pads, Swiss ball, Dumbells etc. Training sessions take place in a variety of locations; either in your home, garden, at the park or gym environment, or at the Female Bootcamp Stomping Ground. Our Personal Trainers are dedicated fitness professionals, with an energetic and friendly approach. We take you through a journey in order to reach your ultimate health and fitness goals. All clients are different, but everybody needs a firm but supportive and rewarding approach in order to achieve their goals.

Individual sessions

£ 35

per hour

Mid level

£ 300

for 10 sessions (£30 per session)

Pair Training

£ 400

for 10 sessions (£40 per session for 2 people)

Best Value

£ 550

for 20 sessions (£27.50 per session)

To book, contact Fleur on 07813 009924 or email: