Owner & Trainer

Fleur is the brains behind the Female Bootcamp revolution. She has dedicated the last eight years of her life to health and fitness and during this time became a qualified professional personal trainer; having achieved level 2 in Gym Instructing, level 3 in Personal Training, level 2 Bootcamp Instructing and becoming Kettlebell certified. She loves her woman only classes and believes this is the best way to help woman stay motivated and achieve their personal goals.



I’m a mum of three and have always used the excuse of being too busy to make time for exercise.

I attended a gym on & off over a period of years, but nothing really worked and I became bored easily and gave up.

Not long after having my son a Female Bootcamp leaflet came through my door, so I thought I’d give it a go. After attending my first class I decided to join as I loved it so much because the classes were so different and enjoyable.

My body was changing and I became more fit as time went along.

I then decided to do the ‘Ultimate Bootcamp’ challenge for four weeks – attending five classes a week. The results spoke for themselves!

This is when I became hooked on exercise and thought I would love to peruse it as a career. Seeing the difference it had made to myself I wanted to help others achieve this too.

I have recently qualified as a Bootcamp instructor and now enjoy teaching the classes as well as attending them.

I absolutely love Box HIIT as it’s a great stress reliever and all over body workout that anybody can have a go at.

I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge and experience with Female Bootcamp and helping lots of ladies to achieve their goals.



Hi. My name is Kate and I am an Instructor at Female Bootcamp and qualified Personal Trainer.

Although fitness has always been a great passion of mine, I have not always worked in the health and fitness industry. Until a few years ago I was a stressed out teacher, running the Business and Economics department at a local secondary school! I continued teaching after having my first child and it wasn’t until I had twins two years later that I decided to leave education and follow a new path.

I had enjoyed attending the Buggy Bootcamp classes whilst on maternity leave and with encouragement from Fleur, I took the plunge and retrained as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. It was the best decision and I have never looked back!

Instructing Bootcamp classes and working individually with clients encompasses several of the skills I developed as a school teacher; planning, being encouraging, providing support and most importantly making every workout session effective and fun! I absolutely love coming to work every day, come rain or shine, early morning or late night training, I always feel so lucky to be working with such amazing women, who really appreciate the service we are delivering.

I am passionate about health and fitness and strive to practice what I preach when it comes to healthy eating and regular training. However, as a busy working mum I do also understand the pressures women face today and how difficult it can be to juggle work, home and health. I strive to help my clients make simple and realistic changes to their lifestyles that are sustainable in the long term and will bring about long lasting results. My favourite mantra is that “it’s better to be consistently good than occasionally perfect!”