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Ultimate Bootcamp Success Story!

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Ultimate Bootcamp Success Story! ……….

Sally Davis signed up for Ultimate Bootcamp, not for fat loss, but to improve her overall health and fitness following a period of ill health. This is what she had to say about her experience…..

“Signing up for ultimate bootcamp wasn’t about losing weight for me, it was about fitness and toning, but more importantly, achieving a happier healthier me. Unfortunately, following an illness I developed an unhealthy attitude towards food and became more unhappy in myself.

The first session of ultimate includes a food workshop which completely strips food and mealtimes back to basics, then rebuilds your knowledge based on what you want to achieve. The actual bootcamp sessions are filled with genuinely lovely women of all ages and abilities who are so encouraging and supportive of one another it doesn’t feel like a chore to be there.

The PTs are amazing, no question is too silly and while they’ll tell you off for slacking at the back, a sneaky piece of cake or a glass of wine too many, they are very reassuring and understand that life can get in the way.

They actively encourage you to do the best you can, no matter your ability or goal.

Overall, as well as getting fitter and having amazing visible results, I genuinely feel better emotionally and can thoroughly recommend both ultimate bootcamp and bootcamp sessions to anyone looking to lose weight, tone up, increase fitness or generally improve their mental wellbeing.”