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Ultimate Bootcamp Testimonial!!

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I signed up to Ultimate for a number of reasons, yes to become slimmer, fitter and gain some self-confidence but mainly to change my unhealthy relationship with food & drink.

For years I have tried faddy diets & juice plans with minimal exercise and zero positive results, gaining more weight every time I finished making me heavier than when I started. This resulted in me being low in mood and even lower in self-confidence.

So I took the plunge and signed up to Ultimate Bootcamp. With the support of amazing coaches and a wonderful group of ladies we started the Ultimate challenge and it has completely changed my relationship with food & drink for the better.

Working hard to achieve my goal to be healthy not only physically but mentally too.

From the food workshop, support chat, Bootcamp sessions and better lifestyle choices I am now able to take all I have learnt and apply that to my daily routine and I feel so much better for it!! ❤

Her results were a total of 12lbs weight loss and 11.5 inches all over!!

The biggest areas were 4.5in off her waist and 3.5in off her hips!!


Ultimate Bootcamp Success Story!

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Ultimate Bootcamp Success Story! ……….

Sally Davis signed up for Ultimate Bootcamp, not for fat loss, but to improve her overall health and fitness following a period of ill health. This is what she had to say about her experience…..

“Signing up for ultimate bootcamp wasn’t about losing weight for me, it was about fitness and toning, but more importantly, achieving a happier healthier me. Unfortunately, following an illness I developed an unhealthy attitude towards food and became more unhappy in myself.

The first session of ultimate includes a food workshop which completely strips food and mealtimes back to basics, then rebuilds your knowledge based on what you want to achieve. The actual bootcamp sessions are filled with genuinely lovely women of all ages and abilities who are so encouraging and supportive of one another it doesn’t feel like a chore to be there.

The PTs are amazing, no question is too silly and while they’ll tell you off for slacking at the back, a sneaky piece of cake or a glass of wine too many, they are very reassuring and understand that life can get in the way.

They actively encourage you to do the best you can, no matter your ability or goal.

Overall, as well as getting fitter and having amazing visible results, I genuinely feel better emotionally and can thoroughly recommend both ultimate bootcamp and bootcamp sessions to anyone looking to lose weight, tone up, increase fitness or generally improve their mental wellbeing.”

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Body Transformation during Ultimate Bootcamp!!

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And the award 🥇 for the greatest body transformation during Ultimate Bootcamp goes to…….Emily Brown.

Although Emily was a regular attendee of Female Bootcamp classes, she would be the first to admit that she had lost her way when it came to food and drink.

A busy working mum to little Jack, Emily threw herself in to Ultimate Bootcamp, totally overhauling her approach to food and nutrition.

Emily became the queen of meal planning and preparing ahead – taking time to batch cook healthy and delicious meals to quickly enjoy post workout or after a hectic day at work. . .

After completing four weeks of workouts and clean eating Emily lost an amazing 18lbs and 18 inches! But she has not stopped there! Two weeks later and she has lost a further 5lbs, bringing her total loss to 23lbs in 6 weeks! . .

Emily, you are a true inspiration and we are so proud and amazed by your incredible results.


Keep up the amazing effort!

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Sandra’s Ultimate Bootcamp Success Story

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Ultimate Bootcamp success story!

Shout out to Sandra Birch who showed amazing focus and determination on the Ultimate Bootcamp Challenge last month.

Sandra proved that with some careful planning and focus you can even go on holiday and still remain on track. She pushed herself to complete all five workouts a week despite being away and ate totally clean for the full four weeks. The results speak for themselves.

Sandra lost a total of 8 lbs in weight and 12 inches from her body. She has burnt body fat and built lean muscle, which has changed her overall body shape. Sandra now feels fitter and healthier and has even overcome a severe back injury which saw her unable to train at all earlier on in the year.

Well done Sandra, we are so proud of what you have achieved and the fact that you have maintained the clean eating and exercise now that Ultimate Bootcamp has finished.

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FBC Introduces Little Black Dress Bootcamp

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This year Female Bootcamp wanted to do something a bit different in the run up to Christmas!! We usually have lots of Ladies approaching us around the festive period saying they are feeling bloated, over indulging, not leaving the house because of the cold and giving in to the many tubs of chocolates around the office!

So this year ladies we need to do something before Christmas so you feel and look amazing just in time for Santa.

On Saturday 11th November THE LITTLE BLACK DRESS BOOTCAMP kicks off for our countdown to Festivity!!

We start with the initial consultation at 11am, so if we could ask you all to arrive 15 mins early that would be great. During the consultation you will receive some freebies, we will talk about living a healthy lifestyle…. long term, no quick fixes.

We will teach you how to weigh and measure yourself properly so you can see the changes in your body over 5 weeks, of which you will not only see the results on the scales, but you will lose inches. This will help to keep track of the progress you’re making towards your goals.

The consultation will include what to eat and what to avoid, things you should be doing at home and the big changes you should be making, along with the chance to meet likeminded people and much, much more!!!

Following the consultation you will take part in 5 exercise sessions per week. You will have a recipe guide and plan to follow and also you will be part of a Whatsapp group along with everyone on the course plus 4 instructors, providing you with constant guidance and reassurance. Also everyone has a little black dress to fit in to over the festive period or a Christmas party to attend so let’s do this!!!

The course will last five weeks and we will be working out five times per week in true Bootcamp style. This course will finish just in time for Christmas and of course our very own Female Bootcamp Christmas party.

If you are interested in this course let us know ASAP as spaces are limited, if you have any questions please email


Boot camp Extra

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Wanting a little extra?!

It’s time for BOOTCAMP EXTRA


At Female Bootcamp we do our best to cater for everyone!! However home, work and family life sometimes gets in the way!! That’s why we’ve brought out a little extra for you all!!!

* Bootcamp Extra will start on Sunday 10th September and will include three sessions of training for six weeks so eighteen sessions in total.
* The sessions will include Sunday’s at 9.30am, Tuesday’s Box Hiit class at Smestow School at 7pm and a Voucher to attend any Female Bootcamp class of your choice at The Old Wulfrunians Sports and Social Club, Castlecroft.
* If you were to purchase the sessions individually they would cost £90 so you will make a saving of over £30 as you will receive all of the above for JUST £59.
* This course is a one off and we have very limited places, therefore if you are interested please get in touch ASAP!!!

Please note this course will not include weighing and measurements however we will provide you with a sample food guide. Any questions in relation to healthy eating can be discussed during the sessions with other attendees and the instructor.

If you would like a place on the course let us know via email

Ultimate Bootcamp

Ultimate Bootcamp

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Female Bootcamp’s Ultimate Bootcamp!!!

Ultimate Bootcamp is designed to give you the real push you need to strip your body of EXCESS fat. We want to strengthen your body and improve your mental health. We would like to introduce you to a new way of life and hopefully after spending five weeks on our intense course you will make the changes you need to live a healthier life forever.

We plan to get you working out five times per week and if you complete all of the sessions we believe you will improve your fitness and look and feel amazing. We will be giving you a weekly pass to bootcamp which will entitle you to one additional bootcamp class per week and you must do the one hour of homework we set you per week.

Are you ready for the challenge ladies?? This is the time to push yourself and see what you are truly capable of we will help you as much as possible and there will be three trainers on hand to help with all your questions 24/7.

If you are game ladies, move quickly places are limited!!!


Female Bootcamp Running Club Summer 2017

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Well, we have come to the end of our beginners running club and everyone has made such amazing progress.

Five weeks ago several of the ladies had never run before and found it tough to complete a lap of the field at Bootcamp. However through hard work and dedication at two sessions per week they have all completed a 5k run and some have even surpassed this goal! Amazing!
Every session they worked hard to build up their leg strength and endurance through running based drills and exercises and then we gradually increased the distance of our road run each session. Yes there were hills, cramps, soaking wet clothing from torrential rain and a lot of DOMS but the ladies stuck with it to achieve their goals and I’m so proud of them all. There is even talk of coming back to train for a 10k next time!

Well done ladies, you have achieved so much and supported one another through every session.

Keep up the good running until our next Female Bootcamp running club!


Kate x



Bank Holidays with Female Bootcamp

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Hi Ladies

Its bank holiday this weekend and as always you know we will be doing one class on Saturday at 9.30am and one class on Bank holiday Monday at 9.30am.

So start your bank holiday with a work out, bring the kiddies if you need to they are more than welcome.

For more information or if you have any questions please get in touch on

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Transformation Tuesday!!!

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It’s Fleur…. I am here to talk about some awesomeness!!!

Two sisters have been members of Bootcamp since January 2015 and have been maintaining their fitness ever since!! However in January 2017 they decided to take it one step further and have that extra push!!! Blimey did they work their butts off. Over a space of 10 consecutive weeks which included 3 boot camp’s a week, one personal training session, their own running….and daily pictures via whatsapp of their food (yes my photo memory was FULL including a weekly slice of cheesecake as part of their cheat meals) they were 100% devoted to getting results!!!

Results they most certainly got, however dispute being sisters of a very close age and the exact same height their body shapes changed in completely different ways.

Gail’s results: Weight loss 1 Stone and 7.6″

Jo’s results: Weight loss 1/2 Stone and 10.8″

How amazing!!!! I’m so proud of them both and they are full time workers and have 2 children each!!! Also ladies this just proves that everyone has a completely different genetic makeup and unique shape and size, so aspiring to look like someone or a certain way may not be realistic!!! Just be the best YOU can be and be CONFIDENT!!!!!