Ultimate Bootcamp Testimonial!!

By February 8, 2019 Uncategorized

I signed up to Ultimate for a number of reasons, yes to become slimmer, fitter and gain some self-confidence but mainly to change my unhealthy relationship with food & drink.

For years I have tried faddy diets & juice plans with minimal exercise and zero positive results, gaining more weight every time I finished making me heavier than when I started. This resulted in me being low in mood and even lower in self-confidence.

So I took the plunge and signed up to Ultimate Bootcamp. With the support of amazing coaches and a wonderful group of ladies we started the Ultimate challenge and it has completely changed my relationship with food & drink for the better.

Working hard to achieve my goal to be healthy not only physically but mentally too.

From the food workshop, support chat, Bootcamp sessions and better lifestyle choices I am now able to take all I have learnt and apply that to my daily routine and I feel so much better for it!! ❤

Her results were a total of 12lbs weight loss and 11.5 inches all over!!

The biggest areas were 4.5in off her waist and 3.5in off her hips!!

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