Debbie’s Female Bootcamp Story

By September 19, 2017 Bootcamp News

After many fad diets, unused Gym memberships and the odd time of dragging myself to the local Zumba class, I knew I needed a change and a challenge that I could stick to. In August 2015 I found Female Bootcamp through a Groupon offer and thought why not give it a go. Two years on this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I will never enter a gym again or follow a fad diet!

Female Bootcamps is a place where no one is judged on size or fitness levels, it is a place where everyone is following the same goals and everyone motivates each other. I felt right at home from my first session! Unlike the gym where everyone is out to look on point and be body beautiful – unlike myself who always feels awkward with working machinery with fear of looking silly and paranoid that people were watching me workout – down at bootcamp this is not the rule – we all wear zero makeup, end up with sweaty hair – no one cares, this way we know we have worked hard and no one I loved this vibe from the word go. Every session is taken outside (all weather) which really motives and boosts my energy levels – especially when I work inside all day and sessions are generally repeated after a few months. This was also a bonus for me because I get very bored with exercise that is repeated making me loose motivation.

I began to see results straight away because for the first time I was being educated about my body/fitness and food and also what I was capable of. The variation of exercises ensures that you receive an all over body workout that incorporates cardio and weights.

A big part of my journey is the consistent and continued support from Fleur and her team – Louise & Kate. These ladies deserve so much credit for the work they do. They have pushed me to levels the last two years that I never thought possible. They have believed in me and my goals and praised my results and continually reminded me of why I go to Bootcamp. They are a valuable source of expertise when it comes to food and nutrition and will go the extra mile to educate female boot campers on what to eat when training (pre & post) to boost results.

Ultimate Bootcamp

Having attended Bootcamp for two years my body shape and weight began to stick so I needed to give myself an extra challenge, so I signed up for Ultimate Bootcamp – a 4 week intensive course and diet plan. This was exactly what I needed before my holiday and wanted to be extra confident in my bikini (my goal). I upped my work out sessions to 5 a week with a street run at home and followed the diet plan and food ideas that were provided for us by Fleur. The big difference was portion control with the size of my meals I was eating, a small change here made a big difference to my body shape and weight loss. After 4 weeks I had lost 12lbs in weight, 6 inches across my body and 5 % of my body fat. The results were amazing and I never felt so good by the pool and on the beach.

I have been so full and energised like I do on this plan and it is no longer a diet but my daily eating routine. I now eat clean for the majority of the week and seeing the results that training and eating right can do continues to motivate me to carry on. My fitness levels are now the best they have ever been on my gradual journey.

For those ladies out there at a loss with diets and exercise I cannot highly recommend Female Bootcamp, Fleur and her team enough. I have met a lot of great people here who understand how hard it is to battle with exercise, weight and food but we all support and encourage each other and that said I have made many great friends. I began Female Bootcamp a size 14 and guess what – I brought a pair of size 10 jeans yesterday! IT WORKS guys and you feel great when you reach your goals!!


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